Line Scanner X-Ray: High Resolution (up to 50 μm) full body X-ray imaging solution.


SYNCBOX: A fully automated system to reduce R&D time on x-ray devices, able to control all x-ray equipment’s with a hardware controller combined with software systems. Able to upgrade each system with low cost.


Industrial X-Ray NDT System: A fully automated nondestructive X-ray testing equipment for continuous manufacturing. Uses low dose continuous X-ray pulses to obtain X-ray data through a conveyor. Investigates the cracks and production errors on several products, such as welded pipes or circuit boards.


Dual Energy Direct Digital X-Ray System: Uses Synchronized Image Acquisition to improve image contrast and quality, lowers the radiation dose. Generates multiple energy X-rays to obtain high contrast, and tissue-specific images through a DR system. Includes the development all the necessary parts including software, GUI, hardware, embedded systems, mechanics, motorized controls. Creates low dose sequences for patient health, and faster acqusion time.


Low Dose Portable Dental X-Ray System: A complete intra-oral dental system with 3D imaging, low dose and advanced image processing tools. Includes the design of the systems that help dentists take easier X-ray images and get higher quality results.


Dual Energy DR X-Ray System: Is the fusion of X-ray with MRI. Priori MR images of the subject are overlaid on top of the live images acquired during X-Ray fluoroscopy. Project has a wide usage on cardiac interventional operations.